Shipping Policy
 Licensewares under no circumstances will deliver a physical product (CD/DVD/Box) it its
 All delivery of activation/license keys or any other services will be delivered digitally via
E-Mail to the E-Mail address provided by the customer upon registration.
 It is the responsibility of the customer to check for the accuracy of the provided E-Mail
address and Licensewares will not be responsible for any issues arising by the
user/customer providing us with a wrong/inaccurate E-Mail address.
 Users should check their spam/junk or other E-Mail folders if they haven’t received the
order E-Mail directly to their inbox.
 It is the responsibility of the user to check their E-Mail on a timely manner for the order
and activate the respective license(s) or service(s). Licensewares will not be liable for
any issues arising from delayed license activations.
 You are responsible upon delivery for checking “activation/license key” delivered by
Licensewares and verifying their condition, in accordance with their description and
complete only with respect to apparent defects and apparent short deliveries. If you fail
to notify Licensewares about such failure via E-Mail within 03 (Three) days, your rights
arising from “No Delivery”, “non-working license key or defective products or short
delivery are excluded.

Payment Policy
Prices payable for Licensewares are those in effect at the time of receiving the order, unless
otherwise expressly agreed or mentioned. Prices will be indicated on the website but the final
and the right price in the event of any issue is the price that is notified on the final order page
of Licensewares. Licensewares reserves the right prior to the order acceptance to withdraw any
discount and/or to modify prices to take into account increases in costs including (without
limitation) costs of any materials, the increase or imposition of any tax, duty or other levy and
any variation in exchange rates. Programming or data errors in our website may lead to
inaccuracies in pricing. When the price is inaccurate or substantially under the market price,
Licensewares will in general honor the order at that price, but reserves the right to correct the
price and offer to sell the product to you at the correct market price.
Licensewares will notify you of any errors in pricing prior to product delivery. In such event if
you choose to continue with your order, you accept the new conditions and prices as notified
by Licensewares. Prices (unless stated otherwise) are in the currency quoted on the website or
as selected by the respective users (users can select available currency from the drop-down
menu and view the prices of our product in their desired currency).

Payment shall be made prior to digital delivery via E-Mail and by such methods that are
indicated on the website/checkout page or by any other method expressly agreed by
Licensewares. Our payment processors (PayPal, PayHere or others as selected by the user) will
charge credit/debit cards of our users on our behalf after the order is placed and the
credit/debit card information is provided to respective payment processors (PayPal, PayHere or
others as selected by the user). Licensewares reserves the right to verify the credit or debit card
payments from our payment processors prior to acceptance. In case of non-payment,
Licensewares can claim the Key code delivered from you.
The user will have the option to select their preferred payment option on the checkout page
and proceed with the order. We will be providing a variety of payment options for our
customers to select from.