At, we take every attempt to ensure maximum customer satisfaction with
your purchase. Whenever you choose to buy a product (software license key or user account),
on our website (, that sale is considered final.

Due to the nature of the digital products (activation/license keys), and mode of delivery which
is digital (via E-Mail), Licensewares cannot offer refunds or exchanges for products/goods once
they are delivered digitally (via E-Mail) to the customers and activation/license keys have been
activated on the devices (PC/Laptop/Mobile Phone or other respective devices). All licensing
sales are final.
It is the responsibility of the buyer to know the system and compatibility requirements of the
product and their system/device specifications prior to purchasing. Make sure you have the
mentioned hardware and software specifications on your system prior to your purchase.
Customers are, therefore, required to check the details about each of the product listing before
making a purchase. Customers must first contact us before making a purchase on our website If
any of our product listings are unclear to the customer. If there are technical issues that
prevent access to your software purchase, please contact our support team for assistance.

Refund requests will be accepted under following circumstances:
 The user hasn’t received the activation/license key via E-Mail.
 If, in the unlikely event, that a license key is faulty (in rare cases when the problem is on
our end)

No Refunds will be issued under following circumstances (not limited to the below conditions) :
 The user has received the activation/license key via E-Mail.
 The user has shared the activation/license key with other people or has tried to install
the key on a new device without removing/disabling the key from the current device
(applicable for single user licenses).
 The user has accidentally or intentionally ordered a product that is not compatible with
the user’s device/equipment.
 Has ordered a wrong software product or a wrong/different version/edition of the
intended product.

 Accidentally or intentionally made multiple purchases of the same product.
 The user fails to download & install the software/license file(s) due to poor internet
connection, lack of technical knowledge or due to any other reason(s) arising from
user’s end.
 The user has failed to follow the step-by-step installation instructions sent via E-Mail.

New Activation/License key(s) will be provided under following circumstances:
 The software activation/license key ceases on its own within the specified lifetime
(license period – ex: 6 Months, 1 Year, 3 Year or any other specified period)
 The software license key doesn’t work at the time of installation.
 The user has previously contacted our support team and tried to solve the issue but
with no success.

Refund Time
Usually it will take us around 1-3 business days to initiate a refund. Once a refund is processed
successfully, it will take another 5-15 days for the user to receive the refund (depends on user
payment method)

Special Notes
 If you have a problem with a license key or an account, please provide us with the full
screenshot(s) of the error message(s) so that we can provide you with the new key. A
new key or activation details (account) will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days.
Please note that you will have the warranty of the purchased product as it is offered in
the manufacturer’s website as long as your license is valid.